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Tris Tan’s is a custom spray tanning business offering THE HIGHEST QUALITY pharmaceutical grade, eco-certified sunless taNNING EXPERIENCE at an affordable price. MY mission is to provide superior service and give a beautiful natural looking tan that will not only make you feel great but has ingredients that are good for you as well.

I am Tris the owner of Tris Tan’s. I am a proud wife and mother of THREE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. I have been in the beauty industry for over the past FIFTEEN years. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and a Certified Spray Tan Artist who has worked all sides of the beauty industry. From behind the chair to behind the front desk, and NOW MY PERFECT PLACE BEHIND THE SPRAY GUN. i AM CERTIFIED IN CONTOURING AND COLOR MIXING AND HAVE CAME IN FIRST PLACE ON THE CLEVELAND HOT LIST FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS! Sunless Tans appeal to me in so many ways and once I started my journey I just knew it was the perfect place for me.  As I have gotten older I see the damage I have done  AS A YOUNG GIRL and wish I would have taken precautions AND PROTECTED MY SKIN.   we need to know the importance of protecting our skin and our children’s skin and if there are other options to be educated on those options. i HAVE LOST DEAR FRIENDS AND WATCHED OTHERS BATTLE MELANOMA. I HAVE SEEN FIRST HAND WHAT IT CAN DO IN A MATTER OF MONTHS ESPECIALLY IF DIAGNOSED TOO LATE. IT  IS HEARTBREAKING THAT SOMEONE CAN LOSE THEIR LIFE TO THIS CANCER WHICH  CAN BE PREVENTED IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO PROTECT THE SKIN YOU'RE IN.  The more research I did I learned about how far sunless tanning has come. I learned how the products have become way more advanced and they even can be good for your skin. So affordable and safe?  I wanted to be part of this movement.  I wanted to use this new found platform to be a spokesperson and advocate for sunless tanning. So here I am on this journey trying to show people one Tris Tan at a time that there are other ways to keep a healthy glow all year round.  It is so easy and convenient+ and THIS BUSINESS IS A love I am falling deeper for everyday.  I love making people feel beautiful and special  and I hope that together we can have everyone enjoying a sunless Tris Tan experience soon.

Custom Tris Tan's

for you & your loved ones

Tris Tan's Custom Spray Tanning

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Tris Tan's is a custom spray tanning business offering pharmaceutical grade eco-certified sunless tans at an affordable price. Who has the time to get tan? Between work, family, meetings, the gym, sleep, there are many reasons why we don't have time to visit a tanning salon every day or lay out. Custom spray tanning is the easiest, safest, and most convenient way to get tan! It is also the best way to get that natural looking glow without any streaking, gross "tanning smell" or fake orange color that you typically get from spray booths. It doesn't get any easier! So fast and convenient and you will leave sunkissed
*UV-Free, natural, healthy and safe! blends in blemishes, camouflages cellulite, stretch marks and veins.
*Less time-consuming than hours in the harmful sun, risking skin cancer and skin damage.
*An even, streak-free tan in a matter of minutes
*A tan makes you feel healthier, slimmer and more confident.
*Dermatologist reccomended

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