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When should I get my Tris Tan?


A Tris Tan is for any season for any reason. We reccomend to schedule 1-2 before a special event. Color will look best the first 3-4 days.


What should I expect at my appointment?


If it is your first visit, please allow 30 minutes for your whole session or 15-20  minutes for return clients . When you arrive on your first visit you will fill out your  tris-tan waiver. Then we will take you to the spray room where we will discuss prep and your custom color.  The airbrush artist will prep and spray. It’s very simple. You just stand and turn per the instruction...and that’s it! We will do the rest to make sure your tan is flawless. After the tan is complete you will be left to dress. At checkout you will receive everything you need to go home in confidence that you tan will be amazing!


Do I have to get completely naked for my Tris Tan?


No! You can wear, or not wear, whatever you would like during your appointment. Trust...we have seen it ALL  and take our confidentiality policy very seriously, so you’re in good hands. Just note that anything you do wear will make a tan line. Think about what you will be wearing during the week after you tan if you do not want to show lines outside of your clothing. Women may wear a bathing suit, undergarments, go topless, or completely nude. men are by refferal only.  Men must wear briefs, boxers, shorts or swim trunks.  Thanks in advance:)


Can I go swimming or work out after my Tris Tan?


You can not swim, sweat, or get wet at all during the development time just after being sprayed. We do not recommend swimming or working out 24 hours after being sprayed. This gives the tan ample time to set in without being negatively affected by the exfoliating that sweating and soaking can have on the body. Just note that sweating, soaking, rubbing, scrubbing, chlorinated water and hot tubs will all fade the tan faster.


I'm pregnant! Can I still get a Tris Tan?


Yes! And you will feel amazing when you do! Sunless tanning is perfectly safe for our Mommy to be! We have many pregnant people tanning each week and have gone through entire pregnancies start-to-finish with many of our clients. And all of the babies and healthy and beautiful! Our formulas  free of any preservatives, synthetics, and parabens...and are full of vitamins, minerals and moisturizers. We also have fully ventilated rooms and state-of-the-art tanning equipment to ensure the cleanest air possible. We also provide nose plugs for you to wear if you are concerned. We do ask that you please consult with your doctor before coming or give us call and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you have prior to coming in.

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